Monday 6 May 2019

Paper Rose Mixed Media stamps with Gelli Printing Tutorial

Today I want to share some more Mixed media Gelli printed cards
that I have made using Paper Rose stamps.
I found I had quite a few photos at various stages of the process.
So I have included a step by step tutorial.
This has made a rather long post....Hope you enjoy....

These detailed gelli printed backgrounds pair beautifully with bright bold sentiments
such as these die cuts from Paper Rose.

This bold sentiment stamp from Paper Rose also suits these backgrounds.

The beautiful silhouette sentiments are all that is needed with a few stars thrown in.


1. Gather your supplies

Gelli plate
Stamps & stencils
Mark making tools like bubble wrap, mesh, die cuts
Pre cut 6 x 6" cardstock
Acrylic paints

I like the thick Gel Press plate best. I have it in a few different sizes.
Really love the Speedball brayer too.
Paper Rose has 3 sets of Mixed Media Stamp sets that I have featured here.
Other items for mark making on the gell plate are bubble wrap, mesh from onion bag, 
stencils and die cut shapes from Paper Rose.

I used Dina Wakley heavy body acrylic paints.  Such vibrant colours.

2. Light base layer of acrylic paint.
Apply dots of 2 or 3 light colours directly to gelli plate 
and smooth out with the brayer.
Pull prints off plate onto precut white cardstock.
Create more interest by only pulling colour in patches
 rather than whole sheet each time.
Second prints can be pulled depending
 on how much paint is left on plate.
This is called a ghost print.
Keep applying paint & brayering as required.
Leave some white space too.

3. Do not clean the plate at any stage!

For these first layers I have used combinations
of yellow, pink and olive green.
They blend to make lots of light colours.

4. The brayer can be rubbed off onto other cardstock
 or paper between applications of paint to clean it. 
These can make more great bases for backgrounds.

5. Build up the middle layers.
Use deeper tones of the base colours 
as well as a contrasting colour on the gelli plate.
Brayer the paint onto the plate. Then remove colour & create texture 
with stamps, stencils, wrap, or masks,
before pulling parts and pieces onto the base coloured pages.
(as shown above)
I used turquoise and cheddar. Makes blues, greens & orange colours.

6. Contrast Stamping.
More interest can then be given to each card 
by repeating the same stamping with distress oxide inks
 in bright contrasting colours.
Do not use a stamp block.
Hold the stamp in your hand & just roll it on the page to leave more organic markings. 

7. Water soluble marks.
Use a water soluble pencil to highlight masked areas & to doodle.
Soften shapes with a water brush.

8. Other mark making.
Use white & black acrylic ink to do ascerbic writing
& splatters with a fan bush.

You will end up with a ton of backgrounds that can be used for cards or diecutting.

I trialed all sorts of Paper Rose die cuts with these backgrounds.
Some I have shown on previous posts over the last few months.

Close up of layering details.

Hope this inspires you to give gelli printing a go.
It is really fun & addictive.
Makes spectacular individualized backgrounds 
with lots of uses.
Cheers for now,

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