Friday 14 August 2020


Hi there,

Today I am showcasing some new Scrap FX products with an ancient art technique. (But new to me!)

I created two artistic collages on canvas.    One is dark & grungy, as aged as the images I chose.

The other is bright & visually textured.

Both are amazing, 

as the encaustic wax technique allows the formation of so many layers 

that blend & become suspended in the wax.

Every layer is still visible as the printed rice & tissue paper becomes transparent.

The colours in the collage paper darken & the images become more pronounced.

 Even transparencies & chipboard have been immersed in the wax.   No glue required!

Art Pastels, Finnabair Matte Waxes also applied between the layers

to define the images, the chipboard & scratch marks.

I was inspired by Kasia Avery of Everything Art.

If interested in this technique here is the link to a free video tutorial

I followed the advice from the tutorial & purchased encaustic ground (gesso) & encaustic medium (bees wax & resin combined)

& a hake (natural fibre) brush.  I really enjoyed this technique so will definitely be repeating this process again & again.

Looking at all those collage papers in a different way now.  Want them all!!

The Scrap FX products I created with were as follows:

Iconic Faces transparency    Circle Hash frame  Blue Mandala collage paper 

Da Vinci collage paper   Loopy Script collage paper  White Writing by Niamh Baly  Pop Art Penelope